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The founder of Other Parents Like Me (OPLM) shares how the wilderness therapy experience changed the course of her family’s life and helped plant the seeds for the start of OPLM, and what she recommends for parents whose teens are in a wilderness therapy program.

In Balance Continuum of Care’s Patrick Barrasso, Nanette Zumwalt of Hired Power, and therapeutic educational consultant Carson Parker share their extensive experience and expertise on the importance of safe passage, the difference in clients who utilize this service, and the many benefits that it can offer those seeking treatment.

Patrick Barrasso, founder, owner, and CEO of In Balance Continuum discusses the founding of In Balance Academy, and how his extensive experience serving adolescents with substance abuse and mental health struggles has helped the Academy become a Joint Commission accredited and nationally recognized therapeutic boarding school

Casier Fariello shares the importance of building a safe community for parents of children struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

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