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Our School

Integrated School Program

The three branches of the Academy; school, milieu, and therapeutic, work together, creating a comprehensive program that addresses the whole student.  All students are supported in their process through communication and collaboration with the school, milieu and therapeutic team. The students engage in therapeutic groups, individual therapy, family therapy, equine therapy, and participate in 12-Step groups. For the well-being of our students, physical education and healthy living skills are an important part of the our program. 

College Bound and College Ready

  • Pacific University

  • Penn State Medical School

  • Penn State University

  • Pepperdine

  • Pepperdine University

  • Sevena College of Art and Design

  • Southern Illinois University

  • Southern Oregon University

  • St. John’s University

  • St. Johns University

  • SUNY Purchase

  • Sydney University

  • Temple University

  • University of Arizona

  • University of Arizona Eller Business School

  • University of California Berkeley

  • University of Central Florida Burnett Honors College

  • University of Iowa

  • University of Mary Washington

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • University of South Florida School of Medicine

  • University of Tennessee

  • University of Utah

  • West Virginia University

  • And MANY more

In order to provide anonymity for your sons, we named our high school program, San Pedro Valley Academy, so that students who apply to colleges are not discriminated against during the admission's process. San Pedro Valley Academy comes up as a "normal," accredited high school. Our academic program is tailored to meet the individual needs of our students. Students are given specially designed self-paced courses which use a tutorial model. All courses are taught using a differentiated instructional philosophy. In other words, students are taught from where they are and are not expected to fit into a standard mold defined by their age or grade level. We adhere to a mastery learning model as well. This means students are able to revise, edit and correct their coursework until they demonstrate mastery. In this way, we help guide our students towards doing their best work, address skill and knowledge deficits, and challenge all of our students as they move forward.  All courses may also be completed with an honors component that is weighted in the GPA.  

Students’ progress in the therapeutic program is tied to their progress in school, so students have additional motivation to complete their school work. In our program, we stress that academic achievement is a measure of effort, work ethic, maturity, and integrity, and thus they are evaluated as individuals – and not by their GPAs. Each student is considered as an individual but held to high standards that are supported in all areas at the Academy.

San Pedro Valley Academy is fully accredited by Cognia. More information can be found at

















We congratulate our students on attending fine colleges and universities!!! Some of these include: 



  • Adelphi

  • Arizona State University

  • Berkeley College of Music

  • Boise State

  • Butler University

  • Clemson University

  • Colorado State

  • Columbia College of Chicago

  • CW Post

  • Eller College of Management

  • Evergreen State University

  • George Mason University

  • George Mason University

  • Grand Valley State

  • Hamden University

  • Hartwick University

  • Indiana

  • James Madison University

  • James Madison University

  • Linfield College

  • Marlboro College

  • Marquette University

  • Montana State

  • Naropa University

  • Pace University

  • Pacific Lutheran University

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